Spring Valley Transit Center (mnr/tor)

Rockland County's bus system is one of the worst in the New York area. Controversial, I know, but I think my review of the Loop 3 speaks for itself. On par with this status of being a bad bus systems, its transit centers in Nyack, Suffern, and Haverstraw are basically just bus stops, its transit center in Spring Valley, situated at the Metro-North station and shared with Hudson Link, is actually a real transit station. So, with the amazing praise of being real, let's jump into the review!

I got off the Loop 3 at the "layover" area, which is basically a big space of asphalt, usually populated with laying-over buses. This is a rather large space, as in the past, many commuter buses also ended here, and they needed a space to lay over. Now, it is just TOR, and is kind of oversized.

My Loop 3 at the layover area

The main bus area of the terminal

There are four bus berths and seven (plus two peak-only) routes that pass through here. But instead of arranging the berths to have more than one route each, they are arranged by route, and the 91 and 94 are just pushed off to the side... in theory.

A Hudson Link bus pulling out of its berth

The theoretical stop of the 91

However, in practice, I saw 91s and 94s using the 59 and 92 berths, and the Coach USA buses that come through here also have signs at the TOR berths, specifically the 92 and Loop 3 ones. Basically, the whole setup is very confusing, and it should probably be rearranged so all the routes use the main four berths.

This bus would start up as a 91, yet it boarded at the 59 berth...

However, this isn't just a review of a bus station, it's called a transit center for a reason, there's rail service here! The Pascack Valley Line's terminus is here, and the station is one of the weird West of Hudson stations that can't decide if it wants to be a Metro-North or NJT station.

The low-level platform (plus a mini-high at the end)

Why is there Harlem Line signage here?

The station has a building, with a Carribean bakery called "Golden Krust" inside it. There did appear to be some sort of ticketing capabilities, although it was closed during my visit. There's also an NJT ticket machine outside the station building (with MNR signage, because West of Hudson). There are also 207 parking spots at the station, and rates are fairly cheap, at $1.25 for 16 hours, and $3.25 for 24 hours.

NJT ticket machine

MNR signage leading to the ticket machine

Station: Spring Valley Transit Center

Ridership: The MNR station got 989 riders per week in 2018, making it the least used station on the New York section of the Pascack Valley Line. However, while I couldn't find any official ridership figures, all the buses I saw coming to and from the station were pretty full.

Pros: It's a legit transit hub, and allows for easy intermodal connections.

Cons: None, really

Nearby and Noteworthy: Spring Valley has a lot of Latin American businesses, but if you'd like to explore the rest of Rockland, you can get to lots of places from here!

Final Verdict: 8/10