Lincoln Harbor (hblr)

The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail's section north of Hoboken Terminal is, in my opinion, the most interesting section of the network. From having a scenic waterfront view to running in the shadow of the Palisades to running in a tunnel that is over 130 years old, it is always captivating to ride. Lincoln Harbor station is especially interesting, as it is situated nearby the Lincoln Tunnel Helix, which the light rail runs under, which provides many great photo opportunities. With that, let's move on to the review!

The station has two entrances, one spits you out onto Waterfront Terrace, and the other leaves you in the driveway for a business park. The Waterfront Terrace entrance contains the ticket machines. This makes a lot of sense, as most people are entering the station from that side.

The east (Waterfront Terrace) entrance

The west entrance

The platform is of typical HBLR design, with a grade crossing north of the station, and a two-car long platform with a half-length shelter, which contains the benches and the MyLightRail sign. There are also arrival screens that show when the next train will arrive, conveniently placed in the shelters.

The shelter

The grade crossing and ramps up to the station

The rest of the platform is pretty barren, consisting of a few lightpoles, two benches, and two trashcans. The bridge to the massive Lincoln Harbor Parking Garage crosses over the tracks just south of the station, so theoretically you could get some shelter on the extreme south end of the platform if needed.

The south end of the platform

Me stamping my ticket

Station: Lincoln Harbor

Ridership: 726 riders per day in 2012, which is lower than most other HBLR stations. This makes sense, as quite a bit of the station's walkshed is taken up by the Lincoln Tunnel Helix and Weehawken bus lot.

Pros: It serves southern Weehawken very well, and is within a five-minute walk of the entire Lincoln Harbor complex. It also has some really great photo opportunities!

Cons: The ticket machines are only on one side, and the validator is not on the platform. This means if you are running for a train, especially from the west side of the station, you may miss it because of this setup.

Nearby and Noteworthy: Lincoln Harbor, of course, but also there a few restaurants at the corner of 19th and Park, a 7-10 minute walk away.

Final Verdict: 9/10